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How Pre-Primary Education Preps Up Children for Lifelong Progress

How Pre-Primary Education Preps Up Children for Lifelong Progress

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”– Confucius

Education is indeed vital for all of us. It is, in fact, the key to all the advancements that we see today. No wonder, the holistic development of an individual remains incomplete if he/she remains devoid of education. But it is this very significance of education that makes it imperative to start off the process of learning and development at the right age, which is around 2.5-3 years. The education that children are provided with at this tender age is what we know as pre-primary or preschool education.

At Chanderbala Modi Academy, one of the best CBSE Schools in Bharuch, we believe that the age of two to three is the phase when the mind of children is the most porous and openly embraces everything that is taught to them. Thus, when children are provided with high-quality pre-primary education that focuses not only on their academic but also social, emotional, and cognitive growth, it opens up the gateway to their all-encompassing development and lifelong learning. These children thereby grow intellectually more sound than those who do not get access to quality preschool education.

So today, in this article below, let us have a look at how pre-primary education helps lay the framework for the holistic development of children and smoothens their knowledge attainment journey ahead.

Aids in the development of language skills

For many children, preschool happens to be the very first exposure to the world outside the comforts of their home. They get to meet many new faces here, who might speak or react differently than how they do or see at home. They get to hear and learn a lot of new words and phrases as well. All this thereby aids in the development of language and cognitive skills in children. They start comprehending new words, their pronunciation, and the right way to communicate their thoughts. This also instills in them the confidence to mingle with others in a social setting.

Promotes emotional development in children

Unlike adults, young kids do not have a clear understanding of their emotions. This is the reason why they often end up throwing tantrums at every small thing. But when they begin with their pre-primary education, they learn how to express themselves in the right way. The preschool environment and the education framework are designed in such a way that children are taught about emotional self-control in a very natural way. Teachable moments are sought and make use of to make children understand their varied emotions.

Kids thereby not only learn to identify and name their various emotions and feelings but also how to manage them. And when the kids get to understand emotion management at such a tender age, their growth into compassionate, respectful, and empathetic individuals can certainly be rest assured.

Inculcates a basic sense of time management

Time is generally a mere number for most children in their early years as they don’t understand the value of time. Preschool is the place where children get introduced to the significance of time in life. They learn that a specific time is assigned for the assembly, play, tiffin, and more, and they have to abide by it. They thereby gradually start acknowledging the value of time in their day-to-day activities. And the seeds of time management that are sown at this age are more likely to bear the sweetest fruits for the rest of their life.

Chanderbala Modi Academy – Taking pre-primary education to new heights

The management at Chanderbala Modi Academy, one of the best schools in Bharuch, Gujrat, has always remained firm believers in the fact that the education received during the pre-primary years should be strong enough to help ease the transition to formal education in the later years. It is this belief that led the institution to bring to the table the renowned Canadian Maple Bear Education System for its youngest pupils.

The international teaching methodology of Maple Bear focuses on providing the children with new experiential learning opportunities each day. It aims at the all-around development of young minds and grooms them on academic, spiritual, moral, social, personal, as well as intellectual fronts. Kids are not forcefully goaded into studying, but rather efforts are made to create an innate interest for lifelong learning in the young minds. And only when the kids develop an inborn curiosity for attaining more and more knowledge, the path to their lifelong progress gets laid.

Education, in modern times, has come a long way from its conventional mold. It is no longer limited to something that is all about the four walls of the classroom, the books, the assignments, and the seemingly endless study periods. Education today is no longer about solely taking care of the academic progression of learners. Instead, the present-day approach is more holistic in nature, whereby the focus is on the overall growth of young individuals. And Chanderbala Modi Academy, being one of the schools in Bharuch, is one of the foremost proponents of this ideology of childhood development and education.

According to us, only wholesome and holistic education can produce future leaders in all walks of life with traditional values and global perspective. Thus, all our endeavors in our institution focus on honing the personality and the skillsets of the young buds in a well-rounded manner that paves the path for greater glories in the future. And with that vision ahead of us, we, at Chanderbala Modi Academy, have undertaken a number of approaches at our institution to make it well-suited to meet the demands of modern education.

Today, let’s take you through some of such initiatives of ours that have given us our present position of respect and reverence among the top schools of the country.

Sprawling Campus Adorned with State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

We firmly believe that quality educational infrastructure forms a crucial element of the learning environment in universities and schools. As such, our lush green campus that spreads over ten acres of area has been adorned with advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We have modern physics, chemistry, biology, computer, math, biotechnology, and integrated science labs that are fully equipped with advanced tools and technologies. To add to that, we offer smart classrooms with whiteboards that facilitate the audio-visual mode of learning for more effective and easier absorption of knowledge. Furthermore, the physical and mental agility of our kids is taken care of by the inclusion of world-class sports facilities and a multipurpose activity hall.

Maple Bear India: Embracing the Best of Canadian education

Maple Bear Learning System has been formulated by Canadian educational experts, and it is now present in over 531 schools across 24 countries. Maple Bear South Asia is a joint venture between the Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd. of Canada and Modi Edutech under the Modi Group. At Chanderbala Modi Academy, we have introduced this Canadian Pre-school program from Nursery to Std. IV.

The learning system stands out due to its keen focus on the crucial areas of child development and its emphasis on acquiring knowledge through exploration and experience. Also, it offers an immersive learning experience that makes learning English deeply enjoyable and rewarding for the kids.

Ultra-Modern Math Lab to Run the Esteemed nguru program of NIIT

With STEM education becoming increasingly important in the modern world, we place a special focus on the different aspects of it through all of our advanced labs, and our math lab deserves a special mention in this regard.

Our fully air-conditioned math lab is enriched by the highly acclaimed nguru program of NIIT. The program aims to change the way mathematics has been conventionally taught to kids in schools. It is a revolutionary approach towards child-centric explorative learning, where math is taught hands-on. Thus, the lessons are not only learned in a playful and fun manner, but the concepts are retained in the mind for the longest time. And the fear of math is bid goodbye forever!

A rich library that combines books with digital learning facilities

We have always believed that the purpose of a school library goes beyond acting as an extension of the classroom lessons. Sure, children can explore the topics learned in class in depth in the libraries, and they can find additional aid to complete their assignments, but that’s only the beginning of it. An expansive school library like ours offers kids the opportunity to satiate their endless thirst for knowledge in an effective way.

Our fully air-conditioned library, along with its digital section, has been filled by us with academic, fictional, and non-fictional books that cover the widest range of engaging topics to answer the queries of those inquisitive young minds.

Students’ exchange program to offer international exposure to kids

Students’ exchange programs form one of the core methods of our academy in our aim to offer international exposure to our kids. At Chanderbala Modi Academy, we have noted that for children, such programs not only help in improving their confidence but also expand their understanding of future employment opportunities.

In addition to the students’ exchange programs, we also partake in international and national conferences. Furthermore, we revere the collaborative environment among schools and its benefits extended to each pupil. And in that regard, we regularly share and learn good practices through videoconferencing with other schools worldwide. It not only helps us bring the best of modern education to our kids but also keeps us updated with the latest learning trends.

Educational excursions to broaden the minds and the scope of learning

Being one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Ankleshwar, offering experiential learning facilities to our students has always been one of our core methodologies at Chanderbala Modi Academy. And educational excursions provide one of the surest ways for us to stay true to this practice.

Besides, there is no denying that these excursions offer a much-needed welcome break in the routine for both students and teachers. Though our primary purpose is to educate the kids, these trips also allow students to connect and bond more closely with their mentors. Thus, we keep organizing a plethora of adventure treks and tours for our students across India as well as abroad in accordance with their age group.

Taking care of their fitness and agility through a plethora of sports facilities

We, at Chanderbala Modi Academy, are big believers in the age-old adage that says a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. And the plethora of sports facilities we offer speaks volumes about our efforts made in this direction.

Our campus is enriched with the widest range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. We offer training in swimming, cricket, football, gymnastics, and more to our kids by experienced coaches. We have a well-built swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, and gymnasium, among others. It makes us immensely proud to state that our students have always made us proud by not only participating in various sports events at district, state, and national level but have also earned several glorious accolades in them.

Art and craft to let the creative young minds shine the brightest

Since we already talked about taking care of the physical agility aspect of our kids, let’s discuss our ways to make their imagination and creativity soar the highest. Our young artists can unfold their skills in our specially designed Art Room and Craft Room, where they are introduced to various mediums and techniques to bring their ideas to life on paper.

Speaking of art, we also have a Dance Room and a Music Room to encourage and train the budding musicians and dancers among us. Both these rooms offer opportunities for students to learn both Western and Classical forms of dance and music, with the presence of all the instruments they would need for their practice.

Highly qualified and experienced faculty leading from the front

Each of the initiatives that we have undertaken to enrich our institution has been made possible through the tireless dedication and constant encouragement from our faculty. We, at Chanderbala Modi Academy, consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such highly qualified and experienced faculty leading the charge from the front and honing our students to perfection year after year.

The teachers of our institution are the ones for whom this is more than a profession; rather, it forms a way to impart life-changing legacies of resilience and knowledge to the children. It is this mindset of our mentors that ensures they are never hesitant to go that extra mile for the betterment of their pupils.

The service projects undertaken by us with the help of the students

Ranked among the Top 10 CBSE schools in Ankleshwar, Chanderbala Modi Academy is a part of the Round Square (RS) group of schools, which shares a commitment to experiential learning and character education. Following the RS ideologies, the learning at our institution is based on the six ideals of international understanding, democracy, environmental stewardship, adventure, leadership, and service.

We are also a part of AFS (American Field Service) Intercultural Programs that support the global movement for the advancement of intercultural learning and global citizenship education. It has reached out to over ten schools and five hundred students all across the country, and it gives us immense pleasure to be a part of this initiative.

Putting safety first through CCTV surveillance and fully-equipped infirmary

We acknowledge the need to give the utmost priority to the safety of our children, and we have taken a number of measures to ensure that. So firstly, we have Wi-Fi connectivity and CCTV surveillance for the entire campus. Every corner of our campus is under our watchful eyes at all times during school hours, which keeps us aware and alert about everything and anything within our premises.

Furthermore, we are also fully equipped with a four-bedded Infirmary with a full-time qualified nurse available on all working days. It enables us to handle the first aid and the initial medical response really well before taking the children for further medical attention.

Additional steps taken to ensure the convenience and comfort of kids

We have taken a number of additional steps to ensure the convenience and comfort of our pupils because we believe that a school is much more than books, classrooms, and assignments. Besides, we believe that young minds must be allowed to ease out a little at times, enabling them to focus on their academics more readily.

As such, we offer transport facilities from Bharuch, GIDC, Netrang, Vasa, Ankleshwar City, and more places to bring children under the fold of our illustrious institution. When it comes to running buses for our school, we only consider transporters or fleet owners with valid RTO Certification.

The campus also has a state-of-the-art canteen facility, where nutrition, hygiene, and taste are given equal priority for each of the food items.

Excellent board results showcased each year by our young geniuses

The success of our teaching methodology is evident in the brilliant board results showcased each year by our young geniuses. If we only talk about the CBSE class XII Board Examinations 2020, the numbers have been pretty remarkable for our students. The overall pass percentage is a 100 percent and 15.4 percent of students have scored more than 90 percent aggregate marks. 98 percent of our students have scored more than 60 percent as aggregate marks.

Besides, we also had reasons to be proud of about the scores from the CBSE class X Board Examinations 2020. Our topper, Hardattsinh Mangrola, scored 97.8 percent, and he was closely followed by Harmin Chodwadia at 96.6 percent.

Illustrious list of alumni spread all over the country and beyond

Further proof of the efficacy of our methods is given by the illustrious list of our alumni who are presently successfully established in the different corners of the country and beyond. Our alumni have made us proud in diverse fields such as IFS, engineering and technology, medical, law, research, business, education, sports, and media and entertainment.

In all these years of our journey, the alumni network forms one of the strongest pillars of our institution. In order to welcome and honor them and to walk down the memory lane, Student-Alumni Meet is an annual event organized in the school. Our ex-students come together on this day to refresh the old memories of their beloved alma mater.

The exciting new plans in the pipeline for our young fledglings

Though we have come a long way from the initial days when we started our journey, we believe that this is only the beginning. After all, the significance of continued progression is realized by us for not only our kids but also for ourselves as a premier educational institution.

One of the latest developments that will soon be unveiled at our institution is an Open Air Theatre cum Skating Rink. The plan has been laid out, and the work is already on in terms of creating this space. We hope to further boost the sports and art aspects of our institution through the introduction of this new space.

We, at Chanderbala Modi Academy, have already spent over twenty-eight wonderful years as a premier educational institution of this country. Today we are positioned among the Top CBSE schools in Bharuch and have reached several remarkable milestones along our journey. However, our voyage to excellence has only started, and there are many more such milestones that are yet to be reached by us. We are extremely confident that with the continued dedication of our mentors and mentees and our tireless efforts to bring the finest learning environment to our children, there are certainly more exaltations waiting for us along our path ahead.

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