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Maple Bear

Maple Bear India

is an excellent programme for children. It is designed by Canadian experts and is being regularly upgraded to ensure that the

Maple Bear


system reflects the very best in early

childhood education

. The Maple Bear programme integrates life skill learning to make children critical thinkers and decision makers. Children learn by doing and this learning stays for life. The curriculum throughout


and elementary programs emphasizes the importance of play, oral language, literacy and numeracy.


Maple Bear

– CMA, children are happy and confident. CMA has been running nursery to elementary programme in a safe and secured child friendly environment, since 2012. We follow a comprehensive day to day and minute to minute prescribed curriculum with very clear learning outcomes.

Methodology of Maple Bear

Learning through experience and exploration.

  • Makes learning pleasurable.
  • Children are eager to learn naturally.
  • Builds a positive attitude towards learning.
  • It offers varied stimulating and enjoyable experiences.

Learning expectations are met.

  • Competence in language,



    science and technology

    is developed systematically.
  • At

    Maple Bear

    , teachers integrate knowledge about subjects through a variety of active techniques suitable for the developmental stages of the children.

Learning through direct sensory experience.

  • At CMA

    Maple Bear

    , children manipulate, explore, and experiment with real objects. Through them, they clarify information, add knowledge and learn new skills.
  • While playing they learn to deal with their feelings, interact with children, resolve conflicts and learn values for life.

Immersion language learning.

  • Makes learning English enjoyable.
  • By rephrasing and encouraging correct use of English.
  • Play word games, recite rhymes and sing songs.
  • Emphasis is laid upon story books- read alouds, dramatization, character sketches.
  • Hearing and experiencing English through phonics, guided reading, morning messages etc.


Maple Bear

classrooms are so designed, to stimulate creative thinking in a child. They provide a literacy-rich environment with the main focus on acquiring language and literacy skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing. We encourage student independence, higher order of thinking and problem solving.

A sophisticated set of learning resources are used. Learning resources include books, manipulatives, materials, visual materials, electronic media and computer technology.

The emphasis is on experimentation and application rather than memorization.

In order to implement this programme effectively,

Maple Bear

conducts regular in-house training, for the Centre Head and teachers who also attend the trainings held by internationally acclaimed experts.


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