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School Campus

CAMPUS CARE @ Chanderbala Modi Academy has always believed that development of the individual remains imperfect and incomplete until the


acquires an abiding faith in the universal soul a part of which exists inside oneself. One can search for this universal soul not only within oneself but also in every element of nature and of one’s environment and this is provided by our campus. Almost all Indian philosophers including Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, SriAurobindo, Dayanand Swami have laid emphasis upon the importance of setting

educational institutions campus

in natural environment so that the


learn with their touch with nature and in this respect the


of CMA are extremely lucky to have their second home amidst lush green fields surrounded by tall shady trees flaunting different shades of green. It is the most spectacular during the rainy season with the peacocks dancing all around and the children playing football in the splashing rains or the tiny tots of Chanderbala Modi Academy enthralled in flying kites in the bright sunny winter mornings. The


’ interaction with the environment starts in a very natural way and then of course it is streamlined by various activities conducted by the


to arouse the concern for the environment in the


. From time to time the


has taken up initiatives like tree plantation, making of compost pit, rain water harvesting to name only a few. As to why children should be brought up amidst nature Tagore says – “….perpetrating thousand and one mischief on Mother Nature, they would have obtained the nourishment of the body, happiness of mind and satisfaction of the natural impulses of childhood.” And CMA’s

school campus

is just perfect in shouldering this responsibility.  


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