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Mr. Vizak Ankleshwaria

With great sense of pride I would like to share a few words about the school, which has evolved and moulded my son into a responsible & a good human being.

Chanderbala Modi Academy has provided the students with a clean and well -organised environment where they can develop their skills and increase their knowledge. A clean and comfortable school setting has helped enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Teachers are students role models. The teachers at C.M.A., have a strong influence in shaping the student’s attitude and personality. The teachers are approachable and willing to mentor their students in achieving academic excellence and attaining their personal goals.

The school has given students access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to help improve students learning,& also powerful educational tools and facilities, such as computers, laboratories and library to deepen their knowledge and further improve their logical and cognitive skills. additionally, the school has offered students with opportunities to enrich their educational experience and nurture their talents, such as going on school tours, & experiencing different cultures & places, and visiting various rural areas for their service project.

C. M.A., is a place where students feel safe, physically and emotionally. It is a supportive community where the teachers and students collaborate and focus on achieving better learning. Hence it is free of negative behaviors, like bullying and harassment.

C.M.A, has done various programs,& workshops through which they have imparted leadership skills to their students and make them future ready. debates, group projects, presentations, MUN(Model United Nations), sports, etc., have greatly helped in the development of my son.

Today Looking at my son nurtured into a smart, energetic & obedient person with good etiquette and manners, I wholeheartedly thank the school management, the principal, the teachers and the rest of the school staff, who have been more than a family to my son.


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