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Mr. Chetankumar D.Patel

As a parent of a pupil of the school I, Chetankumar D Patel, from my personal experience can say that I am indebted to the school for providing the various fields and opportunities to the children to prosper and develop in an overall way.

The school, Chanderbala Modi Academy, has always focused on giving more and more opportunities to their students to discover their special talents and develop them in order to gain more from them. The school focuses more on growth in all dimensions like sports, leadership, social awareness etc. rather than one dimensional approach of only studies. The school provides a very talented staff of teachers to the students who take care of children as their own. The teaching staff is very sound in their respective fields. Along with this they also have a desire to teach children in an interesting manner to ensure the involvement of each and every child during the class. With the school organizing various events such as sports tournaments, project exhibitions, annual day celebrations an overall development of the child is ensured as they gain experience in event management and leadership skills. The school also annually appoints the student body consisting of the head boy, head girl, and various other posts to ensure independent representation of the students of the school.

Recently the Chenderbala Modi Academy has also adopted another school providing social services in the school at least once a month. The school also contributes on the social front by organizing various campaigns like “Save Environment campaign” , “Anti bullying campaign” etc. regularly. Along with this the school also organizes various inter-house events are also organized for sports and games like indoor games tournament, football tournament and cricket tournament. The school also provides students with a great infrastructure so that their skill are not limited to the school level but can be developed to a greater level. The school possess a large sports ground along with all the professionally required equipment and expert coaches to guide the students in developing their skills. Apart from curricular and extra-curricular activities a high importance is also given to the moral code among students and their ethics and values. It is ensured by the faculties of the school that all the students of the school bear the essential etiquettes to be a responsible citizen of this country and the world.

As a concluding statement I can say that the only thing that we can expect form this school in future is rapid progress from its already high status as one of the elite institutions of the state and country. With the faculties and students working constantly towards these goals, the sky is the limit for this institution.


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