Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, which is usually organized by a high school or college MUN club. At the end of most conferences, outstanding delegates in each committee are recognized and given an award certificate; the Best Delegate in each committee, however, receives a gavel. Thousands of middle school, high school, and college students across the country and around the world participate in Model United Nations, which involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.


The Navrachana International Model United Nations 2011 was the maiden venture of NISV. The sixth conference was held on the 02nd and 03rd September’2016 at the school premises. MUN conferences provides students with an opportunity with an internationals and multicultural experiences they need to function in a Global environment playing the role of diplomats involved in decision making and resolution forming within various simulated organs of the UN.

NIMUN-6 was attended by six students from Chanderbala Modi Academy. The teacher in charge was Mrs. DeepaliVallecha who addressed the elite gathering with reference to the defined topic. A model United Nations conference is an academic simulation of the organs of the United Nations, which aims to educate participants about current events, civics, globalisation and effective communication. Student delegates representing various countries and organisations of UN address specific issues of regional / International interests and debate on them to frame a working paper.

NIMUN-6 was attended by the following participants:
  • Rohan Gulrajani
  • Deeva Boliya
  • Harshavardhan Vallecha
  • Aikya Shetty
  • Sweta Garai
  • Priyaansi Singh
  • Urja Ingle
  • Samiksha
The participants developed skills of independent research, oration, resolution writing and collaboration. The conference increased the awareness of Global politics, International relations and social and environmental scenarios across the globe. The participants had a first-hand experience of the complexities of International policy, Parliamentary procedures and resolution formation. The participants got an understanding of the world and the role of their nation in International affairs.