Sajan Nature Club – Class III

The students of Class III were enthusiastic about an overnight excursion to Sajan Nature Club. It was on 7th and 8th November, 2016 when the children were bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm as they got a chance to be with their friends. The extravaganza began with a cheerful singing of peppy songs enroute the venue.

Sajan Nature Club is a beehive of activity where students keep buzzing through various activities. The various activities conducted were Kayaking, Valley Crossing, Tarzan Jump, Ladder Climbing, Treasure Hunt, Campfire, Magic Show etc. Students also enjoyed in the swimming pool which had an artificial waterfall. The Magic Show had a spellbinding effect on them and the DJ Party where students rocked the dance floor. The students had also enjoyed the sumptuous meal. Many students won amazing prizes for their splendid performances in various activities. It was a trip filled with lot of gaiety and joviality. Indeed, it was the most memorable trip!