Sarala Birla Academy

Round Square Model United Nations Conference’17

12 delegates were selected from C. M. Academy for the SBARSMUN’ 2017, by the MUN Coordinator and the Principal of the school. The team was as follows-
First Name Last Name Committee Portfolio
Aryan Choksi UNSC Italy
Rosemary Kurian UNSC Syria
Gowri Menon UNSC Israel
Bhavi Tanna ECOSOC U.S.A
Smeet Mishra ECOSOC Lebanon
Harshavardhan Vallecha ECOSOC Switzerland
Ishita Chandra UNHRC Russian Federation
Arya Kulkarni UNHRC Australia
Kottagajula Nandini UNHRC Philippines
Zehan Ankleshwaria UNHRC Iran
Harsh Thakkar INDO-PAK Ziauddin Khwaja
Aikya Shetty INDO-PAK Prakash Malik
MUN Coordinator, Mrs Deepali Vallecha was appointed as a faculty advisor for the team.
After all the delegates received their portfolios, the delegates started their research.
On 22nd of October, 2017 the entire team left for Bombay. The transport was comfortable for everyone. The team boarded their flight for Bangalore. On reaching Bangalore the team were given a warm welcome by the teachers and students.
It was 24th of October, opening day of the SBARSMUN. The delegates attended the opening ceremony in the morning where they had an inspirational speaker, Mr. Prem Chand Shetty who is a law professor of 40 years of experience and he teaches commercial and criminal law. He gave a motivating speech and an overview of what the delegates are supposed to do at their respective committees.
After the opening ceremony, the delegates went to their respective committees where they gave their opening speeches. All the delegates enjoyed in their respective committees. Three days of heated debates and lobbying gave all the delegates an enriching experience on the art of being a good MUNer.
On the first day, 24th October the team had supper hosted by the Principal of the school, Mr. Shantanu Das. There were music performances by the Cultural Captain of their school.
On the next day, all the delegates enjoyed a fruitful debate, formed blocs and enjoyed various challenges.In the afternoon the delegates went for a trek to an ancient temple.
On the second day, 25th October the delegates enjoyed a DJ Evening where they danced to the songs of wonderful Punjabi and English as well as Hindi songs. The time was enjoyed by all the delegates.
On the last day of the conference, in the morning the delegates had a Zumba Dance Session. In the committee, resolutions were made, and after many amendments the best ones were passed. It was the last session of the MUN, all were happy as they got a wonderful experience, all were sad because they would leave their friends, but they were excited for the Award Ceremony.
It was the closing ceremony where Dr. Deshpande who is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of International Studies and History, Christ University, Bangalore gave an inspiring speech on how a MUN can help you in real life. We were really inspired by her kind words. It was time for the awards to be given. Aryan Choksi, from the United Nations Security Council received an award of Honorable Delegate. From the Historic Indo-Pak bilateral talks Aikya Shetty received award for honorable delegate and Harsh Thakkar received an appreciation for verbal mention. Zehan Ankleshwaria from the United Nation Human Rights Council received an appreciation for verbal mention.
The delegates had a fruitful experience and made wonderful memories.
My special thanks to principal and vice-principal of the school for giving us the platform for participating in such type of debates.