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Imagica – Class XII

‘The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy’. A welcome break from the daily rigours of studies and classrooms came in the form of the two-nights-one day adventure at Adlabs Imagice Theme Park for the students of grade XII.

Along with four teachers the students plunge themselves into the cradle of luscious and plentiful vegetation and a spectacular overview of splendor of wilderness. Children were captivated by the marvelous sight of plush entrance; the huge metal plaque with gigantic rides at the background, the sight became intriguing and blissful of the misty and cloudy weather. They were captivated by feel of adrenaline rush as they turned and twisted, swirled and jerked in the craziest, meanest, spine chilling and heart thumping rides like deep space, nitro and dare to drop and later were filled with the adventure of rides like Salimghar, Mr. India and Rajaurus. The Shimmering and blazing countenance were the proof, emanating joy that every nook and corner of Imagica provided them. The grandeur of amazing talent from country and abroad was an additional flavour to their enjoyment.

It’s truly said that it is so interesting a place that everyone would wish to be there everyday, a place where the fun begins and never ends. Overall, it was an overdose of gratification.
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