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Imagica – Class X

Educational trips provide valuable educational opportunities away from the classroom, without using textbooks and other tools used in a normal school setting. Students on Educational trips can often learn while having fun in a more informal environment. CMA believes that the unique, sensory experience from school trips and educational visits has a positive effect on the social and emotional development of learners. Going on an Educational trip means much more than simply leaving the school grounds.

To provide the best opportunity to experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom Chanderbala Modi Academy organized a one day trip to Imagica, an awesome amusement park situated near Pune, Maharashtra on 21st October, 2016.The students of class X escorted by the school teachers set off for the trip to Imagica which is India’s first and only International standard Theme Park, offering fun, entertainment and action.

The students began the journey of thrills with Nitro, India’s Biggest Roller Coaster and rushed all the way with terrific speed!

They also enjoyed the spins with The Scream Machine that oscillates to an angle of 120 degrees to a height of 148 feet and is the tallest ride of its kind in India. Moreover, they also challenged themselves facing the fear of D2Dare Drop, and Gold Rush Express. They also had a virtual space travel experience in mind blowing Deep Spacedark coaster. As if not enough, they witnessed the best parts of India from an eagle’s view in I for India ride. They soared over India and experienced a cinematic showcase of the most marvelous sights, landscapes, monuments and cities of India just like a bird…..!!!!!!

Finally, after Rajosorous River Adventure, they witnessed the glorious Carnival and concluded the trip carrying vivid and ever lasting memories.
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