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Durshet Forest – Class V & VI

Even after passing through so many phases in life, we cannot ever forget our childhood with a fairyland which we create using our toys.

Visit to KIDZANIA was another chance to recreate such experience in our memories.

On 11th December 2016,the students classes 5th and 6th along with 10 teachers went to KidZaniaMumbai which is a theme park located in R-City Mall,Ghatkopar.It is a family entertainment centre where children between the age groupof four to 16 can submerge themselves in activities which will ready themselves for future as they get to enact activities such as playing helpers in the neighbourhood.Some became postman, somepoliceman, some singers or baker.There were n-numbers of activities which kept them busy. I t was a dream come true for the teachers also as they relived their childhood.

Apart from this CMA had organized a few adventurous activities such as rappelling,zip-line, rope and ladder climbing in Durshet Forest Lodge for us. These kind of activities made children learn in a play way method. It was a memorable experience which would not be forgotten.
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