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Since ancient times Indian

Classical Dance

was a sacred


, performed by the dancer to beautiful music, adorned with colourful dresses and ornaments, for the glorification of the Divine. This


can be a powerful inspiration and enrichment for the lives of so many, especially for the children as we speak of culture as simplifying an all round development of human faculties. With the help of special hand-gestures, called “Mudras”, the dancers can convey myriads of meanings. The subtle and soft, but at the same time very clear hand-gestures and movements, are exquisitely counterbalanced by powerful, rhythmic footwork, which gives a lively and ecstatic expression to the dance-performance. It trains the physical, artistic, musical, intellectual, ethical and devotional abilities of a student. If practiced properly, it can discipline and heal body and mind. Also, it can inspire and delight through its immense aesthetic appeal and divine beauty.


like us that provide dance training view


as an important physical and creative activity. This curriculum focuses on “an aesthetic culmination of movement, musical expression, literature, mythology, philosophy, rhythm, yoga, sadhana etc”. Our training primarily focuses on familiarizing students with the


traditions, both folk and classical, of our country. Thus along with the

contemporary dance

we provide the students with the idea of our culture and encourage them to take up the form as more than a


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