It is rightly quoted, “The way to a person’s heart is through his stomach”. Our little


at CMA through their


section explore together to satisfy our lingering taste buds. We believe in developing


as an art, for which one need not be experienced but must possess the ability to inculcate lifetime experience. It enhances kids in their


triumphs and tragedies and develops a confident


. They learn the sense of FOOD TASTES BEST WHEN MADE WITH LOVE WHOLE-HEARTEDLY. Cultivating culinary sense among the kids is a great way to help them build healthy habits, work with determination, it boosts up team spirit and is a great way to reinforce hands-on experience. We provide a unique opportunity, whereby students can foster their culinary


successfully. As the students gather praises for their efforts their morale boosts up. Children are taught to prepare various recipes, which they do with full of enthusiasm.