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Newton won a stunning victory for the intellect and the democratization of science, because it became possible for students to have as much authority as teachers. By knowing proper methods, a youth could conduct an experiment whose results might confound his elders.
The aim of Science Department is a component of the vision that guides young minds in realization of their talents. Our students get opportunities to explore science that surrounds them. The department has integrated science laboratories that allow students to practice work on hand at various levels. Laboratory activities provide experience with phenomena, a starting place for the systematic development of students’ ideas, and a testing ground for the predictive power of their reasoning.
The Science exhibitions for various grades are held regularly. Students also participate in Inter school science Exhibitions and win laurels for the school. The Science laboratories are equipped for the students to perform practical at each level. The Science Olympiads are held which are the different ways to motivate and prepare students for exams at National levels.
All these methods have ensured that Science becomes the most interesting and innovative subject for the students.

Mrs. Hannah Jasmine
Vice Principal(Actg.)/(PGT-Biology)
Mrs. Parul Amin
(PGT-Biotechnology) HOD - Biology / Biotechnology
Mr. Vinod Thakre
(PGT- Physics) HOD - Physics
Mrs. Chitrita Manji
Mrs. Priti Srivastava
Mrs. Nita Paul
(PRT - Science)
Mrs. Swati Muley
(PRT - Science)
Mrs. Nilanjana Bhowmik
(PRT - Science)
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