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Music is one of those art forms that help an individual, irrespective of their age, to express themselves. And, it is important that this talent of the individual is encouraged. Music acts as therapy to relieve stress, control emotions and motivates communication. As a part of the music department, this is our motto.
Chanderbala Modi Academy, opens lot of avenues for students to participate and display their talents. The learning begins with music followed by gradual growth with Raagas basic accompanied by rhythm. We identify such talent and train them. Musical training includes teaching Indian classical vocal & instrumental music, festive/occasion (Janmashtami, Basant Panchami, and Independence Day & Republic Day) based songs etc. These festivals are celebrated in our school and the students are trained for the cultural program of which, music plays an integral part. Performing in front of an audience gives students a lot of self confidence which helps them in various spheres of life.
We have also organized and participated in several intra/inter school duet & group music competitions and won various accolades. Constant effort of nurturing such talents and guiding them in all the possible ways will always be our endeavour.
On Founder’s Day, students perform grand orchestra with instruments like Tabla, Santoor, Harmonium, Synthesizer, Drum set, Guitar along with group singing.

Mrs. Anjali Joshi
(PRT-Music) HOD
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