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Mathematics Department of Chanderbala Modi Academy breaks all the conventional barriers in teaching and learning of Mathematics and strives to make one of the most enjoyable subjects to the students.
The department is backed efficiently by its ultramodern NIIT nguru -Mathematics Laboratory where the students engage themselves in thought-provoking research and in grasping the theoretical concepts through lucid hands-on activities.
Students actively learn and apply their problem-solving skills and participate in a variety of Mathematical activities such as Symposiums, Quizzes etc. The star attraction of the Annual Exhibition, the Mathematics Department exhibits the budding and exuberant mathematical talent among the students. The department strives to imbibe logical and critical thinking skills among the students and provide them an extra edge in this competitive world.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Malav
Mr. Urvishkumar Patel
Mrs. Beena Sreejith
Mr. Vishal Shah
(TGT-Maths)/Co-ordinator - Middle School
Mrs. Nirmala Kumar
Mrs. Anuradha N.
Mrs. Thanuja Nair
Mrs. Preeti Nangia
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