Sanskrit and Hindi are the grace and soul of India. It reveals the history of India from very ancient time and is the key for our identity in future.
Chanderbala Modi Academy tries to provide through education and strives for perfecting its blooming talents in these very subjects. The Hindi -Sanskrit department focuses on inculcating interests in these subjects via different and creative class activities along with competition of the N.C.E.R.T. syllabus.
To further develop these interests and improvise students’ knowledge we conduct many competitions like poem recitation, Hindi extempore, storytelling, essay writing and Hindi handwriting competitions. Exhibitions are set-up by our department on the contemporary topics with great enthusiasm where in student’s present chart based on those topics with lots of creativity and also in order to heartily feel the importance of both the languages.

Mrs. Vinita Kumari
(PGT-Sanskrit) HOD
Mrs. Anita Kataria
Mr. Nityanand Tiwari
Mrs. Kanchan Khanna
Mrs. Nalini Nigam
Mrs. Preeti Nangia
Mr. Dilip Trivedi